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Hager 2 Pole 10 kA Breaking Capacity & 32 A Rated Current, B Curve Type MCB-NBN232N. Warranty as per manufacturer's warranty policy. MOQ-2
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Hager 4 Pole 10 kA Breaking Capacity & 6 A Rated Current, C Curve Type MCB-NCN406N. Warranty as per manufacturer's warranty policy.
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ABB 2 Pole 20A MCB-2CDS272001R0204 is a 50/60 Hz Rated Frequency, 2kV 50/60 Hz, 1 min Dielectric Test Voltage, 4kV Test Voltage 6.2kV at Sea Level, 5kV at 2, 000 m Rated Impulse withstand Voltage, Insulation Voltage-250 V AC Phase to Ground, 500 V AC Phase to Phase 
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L&T 2 Pole 100A RCCB-BG210003 is a Truly current operated-operation even at nominal volt Operates on Core Balance Current Transformer CBCT principle, Conforms to IS 12640 Part 1 / IEC 61017Features:Brand-L&T, Number Of Poles-2, Rated Current-100A, Type-RCCB, Rated Voltage-240/415 AC, Breaking Capacity-10kA, Series-BG, Warranty-As Per...
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L&T 4 Pole 32A MCCB-CM97933OOE2 is a Molded Case Circuit Breaker MCCB is a circuit breaker and trip device assembled in a mould case. The case functions as both an outer wrapper and to retain in proper position the breaker€™s internal components. 
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