Poha, Sabudana & Murmura 

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Poha is low in lactose low in fat hence good for heart and blood sugar. It is easy to cook well to taste and good for maintaining body weight.
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Sabudana is finished from the starch extracted from the pith (center) of the sago palm stems. The marketable production of sago is in the shape of small globules or pearls. It is almost pure carbohydrate and has very small protein, minerals or vitamins. 
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Poha, also known as compressed rice or beaten rice, as the name recommends are flakes completed by flattening dehusked rice. These are rigid, bland-tasting, white grains that make softer and tend to swell up to twice their size when soaked in water. Avalakki considered strong because it doesn't include any cholesterol and saturated fat. 
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Sago or sabudana is a food which is full of energy and carbohydrates. It is extracted from the center of sago palm stems in the form of starch. It is also known as tapioca pearls. It is extremely low in fat but also low in protein. It is helpful as a substitute in binding the dishes or making them thick. 
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Kanda Poha is a fairly simple, nutritious and tasty breakfast dish. It is made from flattened/beaten rice and this is very simple to prepare and light on the stomach. It contains a very high-calorie, extremely high-carb, high-fat & high-protein content. It is very simply broken down, assimilated and absorbed in the body. 
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