Toor, Channa & Moong Dal 

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Toor dal is also sometimes referred to as lentils or split pigeon peas. This usual Indian dish is frequently served with rich spices over rice, and is a staple in several households and Indian restaurants. It is a type of the legume family, and it is not only tasty, it also contains a number of health benefits. 
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Moong Dal has a sugary flavor, soft feel, and is simple to digest. These beans are sprouted to make Bean Sprouts, which have vitamin C, not found in the dry bean. Moong Bean Flour is utilized to make Bean Threads. 
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Kabuli channa or garbanzo beans are pale brown colored, sensitive, bland and starchy tasting, spongy and creamy textured legumes. It is a wealthy source of minerals such as magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, iron, potassium and importantly, molybdenum. They are utilized to make delicacies like falafels, Curried Chole and hummus. 
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Organic Channa Dal plays the vital part while accompanying rice or rotis. It is one of the best dals to improve taste and purity after preparing it. The finest thing about Channa Dal is multiple dishes can be completed out of it. This Dal consists of number of health advantages; Bengal gram dal has a nutty flavour, and is a rich supply of protein. It also...
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Organic Brown Chana comes in the kind of legumes in the family of chickpeas. It is high in proteins. It is an extremely good source of zinc and rich in carbohydrates. It contains a group of dietary fiber that is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is cultivated without the use of pesticides ,artificial fertilizers or chemicals
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BB Royal Organic Kabuli Channa contains got high fiber content, they are proper vegetarian stuffs & hence good to fill your stomach with. Bring home BB Royal Organic Kabuli Chana and like the real taste of it which is free from synthetic chemicals and pesticides.
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Moong dal is one of the most popular lentils eaten across India. Packed with protein, BB Royal moong dal packs deliver the finest selection of lentils which is evident from the shine on the lentils. The dal, sourced directly from farmers, is packed in a way that it retains the maximum nutrient value. 
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Atta is made from the choicest grains - heavy on the palm, golden amber in colour and hard in bite. It is carefully ground using modern chakki - grinding process for the perfect balance of colour. Moong dal is sweet-tasting, yellow-coloured, split green moong beans, husked. These are high in fibre and protein. They have vitamins A, B, C and E 
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